It begins.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in Northern California, I sat in front my computer and finally did it – ruminated over what I’d call my blog and paid the $60. It all begins here.

I have been thinking about blogging for a while. Not because I have more to say than anyone else. I want to blog on the off chance that you might find my thoughts amusing. I have been blessed with a curiosity to ask silly questions and to wonder about the wonders of the world. I amuse myself thinking about many things. And here, I write about the things I see and observe.

I am not so bold as to declare I’d write about myself for the public to see, as Michel de Montaigne wrote in his introduction. For one thing, I am neither French nobility nor a 16th century Renaissance man. For another, like the medical informed consent that no one reads but everyone signs before surgery, “results cannot be guaranteed” – that is, in regards to my goal to amuse and entertain you, my reader. Last but not least, I don’t plan to quote Plutarch more than 500 times either as Montaigne did, hopefully to your relief (and possibly mine as well).

I’d like to write about music, movies, arts, history, literature, games, science, physical and medical at times. I may dip my toes into philosophy as well, if I can manage not to confuse myself along the way.

So please, when you can, take a break, sip a cup and let’s talk.

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